You know you’ve been a good father when your daughter sees you as her ideal man.

Good father

Days will pass and turn into years. But, you will be remembered in our tears, in our laugh, in silence, on every occasion, each night, after morning, before sleep, in our dreams, in every breath, at every step of our life. Your smile, your never give up attitude will always linger in our hearts. Nothing can take you away from our memories.

In the memories of our loved ones – Nothing can take you away from our memories

Your child is what will keep you holding on, when everything else is falling apart.

When everything else is falling apart

Your child is a precious gift from God entrusted to you, to love and care for, not to abuse nor to neglect.

Your child is a precious gift

Never be ashamed of your parents. They’re part of who you were, who you are, and who you’ll become. Anyone who wishes to accept you fully will have to accept that part.

Never be ashamed of your parents

A man who truly loves you will protect you when you're in danger. A father will ensure you don't get in trouble in the first place.

Difference between a lover and a father

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