Sometimes it’s not that you’re not capable of doing it; it’s just that, you can do a better when someone is holding your hand.

You are not capable of doing it

True friends praise your positive part, criticize your negative part, but will never leave you no matter what.

True friends never leave you

A good friend helps you solve a problem no matter how hard the situation is. Fake friends keep blaming you for your faults and walk away when you can’t find the solution.

A good friend and fake friends

A true friend picks you up over and over again even though they keep stumbling on their own.

A true friend

The heart of a real friend is an extension of yours where you can keep extra joys and sorrows. That’s why they are either happier when you’re happy or sadder when you’re sad.

Heart of a real friend

15 Beautiful quotes on friendship

15 Inspiring beautiful quotes on friendship

Most inspirational beautiful quotes on friendship in video format. We published this on our YouTube channel but for our website friends we are posting here. Click me to subscribe Friendship Quotes which we have included in this video are : A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself. – Jim Morrison […]

If love is the flame, friendship is the fuel.

Love and Friendship

After going through a hard time, you’ll realize that in having friends, quality is always better than quantity.

Quality is always better than quantity