One of the greatest gifts God gave man, is the gift of choice. You have the right to choose to do right or wrong. But whatever you choose to do you must deal with the outcome. Therefore, choose to do right.

Greatest Gift God Gave Man

Sometimes God allows us to drown, for us to realize we are able to swim.

God allows us to drown

Who must you please? People with unreasonable expectations, or God who sees your real intentions?

Who must you please?

God allows all things to happen for valid reasons. Some will be revealed to us, some won't. We need not to seek nor understand those reasons, but to have faith in His wisdom.

God allows all things to happen for valid reasons

Always be concerned with what God thinks about you than what people think about you.

Always think what God thinks about you

Life is precious, simply because it’s a gift from God.

Life is precious

Whatever situation you’re in, God put you there for a reason, for a lesson, and for a purpose.

Trust in God’s decision

God infused us with strength when He created us. Then He gives us challenges to see how much it has grown.

Strength and Problems