Standing at the foot of the mountain and staring at the top won't get you there. Putting one foot forward and climbing that first step is what takes you to your goals for success.

Climbing that first step helps you reach your goals for success

We all may have ambitions and a different vision of our goals for success. In the boardroom, we all engage in lengthy discussions speaking about phenomenal targets. In life, we dream of a successful career and yet, we make one huge mistake. We contemplate on the top rung of the ladder, the peak of the […]

If today is like a sore apple, tomorrow it may be a flower in bloom, be patient and outlive the pain of today for tomorrow is a new day.

Tomorrow is a New Day So Live Out the Problems of Today

The biggest mistake we make in life is when we narrow down our perspective to regard a single day as an entire lifetime. Life isn’t a bed of roses. The pain of today will always be a thing of the past and tomorrow is a new day. In life, you will be faced with

I thank the people who abandoned me during the times I thought I couldn’t make it. They gave me the opportunity to discover what I am capable of.

Be grateful for the people who said “No.”

Help doesn’t always help. In fact, often times, the help we get robs us of the chance to demonstrate our abilities and capabilities. Also sometimes, we get too accustomed to receiving assistance even from the

It is better to disappoint people by failing than disappoint them by doing nothing at all.

Better to be a disappointment by failing than by doing nothing

No one wants to be a disappointment to other people that is why as much as possible, we do what pleases others. Who does not want approval, praise and

If you allow regrets to control your life, you will have tomorrows full of more regrets.

Do not allow regrets to control your life

Many people have regrets, if not all of us. It can be missed career opportunities, focusing more on work and missing quality time with family, actions not done, words unsaid, advice followed or not followed, warnings ignored, people taken for

Failure is like a stairway; you decide whether it takes you to the bottom or whether it leads you to the top.

Failure is like a stairway use it as a stepping stone towards success

We all experienced failure, at some point in our lives. We all made mistakes. It is an inevitable condition that we

Walls are made to see who got guts to break through.

Do you have enough guts to break the imaginary wall?

In real life, there appear times when you feel that there are

Shooting stars appear brighter in the darkness.

Shooting stars appear brighter in the darkness

In times when you are at the lowest point in your life, you end up shining the brightest. In other words, it is when you