Mistakes are inevitable. You can only grow stronger if you learn from them. ?

Mistakes help you to grow stronger

As humans, we are prone to make mistakes no matter how we try to avoid them. It doesn’t matter if they’re primarily consequences of your

Sometimes, it's only when you hit the bottom that you really learn how to stand on your own.

Its only when you hit the bottom

Difficulties are just life’s delaying tactics. They just delay accomplishments, but they don’t make them impossible.

Difficulties delay accomplishments

You can only achieve your dreams when you start believing in yourself.

First step to achieve your dreams

Sometimes it is not the lack of ability but the lack of confidence that prevents us from achieving what we really want. Sometimes it’s doable, but self-doubt makes it impossible.

Lack of confidence makes it impossible

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If you can't be the light, be the match. You may not be the candle to illuminate the room, but your spark can be the source of its light.

Your spark can be the source of light

We could do just little by ourselves, but it's better than doing things with uncooperative people and not achieving anything at all.

Doing things with uncooperative people

Failure is a chance to rediscover and improve yourself. Every failure lets you discover your strengths and weaknesses and gives you an opportunity to work on them.

Failure is a chance