Difficulties are sometimes blessings in disguise. They make you realize there were better options all along.

Difficulties are sometimes blessings

The people who say you can’t succeed could be right. However, you should not prove them right by not giving it a try.

The people who say you can’t succeed

While some wait for the doors of opportunity to open, some kick the doors down.

Doors of opportunity

Just when you're about to give up on life, wait another day. Do this every time until life gets better.

Never give up on life

We are more likely to become achievers if we focus more on what we need and not on what we want.

How to become Achiever

Truth is, great things take time. So, either you wait or you settle for less.

Great things take time

Second chances are only for those who are not afraid to try again

Second Chances

Only the weakest takes advantage of a child's defenselessness. Pledge to Stop Child Abuse.

Pledge to Stop Child Abuse

One of the most cruel thing in our society is