Sometimes life takes us to where we never wish to be, then we realize it's where we truly belong.

Life takes us to where we truly belong

There are times in our lives when we resist being in a situation because we know it is not a comfortable place to be. It could be a new work assignment, a foreign country you have never been before, a new romance, or a complicated relationship. It could be a demanding office position, a new […]

Forgive people in your life, even those who are not sorry for their actions. Holding on to anger only hurts you, not them.

Forgive people in your life

You may let other people advise you but never allow them to decide for you.

Let other people advise you

Be open to people’s views and opinion, but choose which to accept. Many people feel they’re an

Only hang out with negative people if you're sharing some positivity with them

Hang out with negative people

We always hear people say, “Don’t hang out with negative people. They will infect you with their negativity.” But what will happen if negative people hang out together? What will happen if a group of

Don't try to find the answer in haste. Stop thinking and let things happen, you will know the reasons soon.

Don’t try to find the answer

Let it be. Whatever’s meant to happen will happen anyway, whether you know or do not know the reasons. Be patient, and let life unfold the answers you’ve been seeking for at the right time.


Put off your past

Serve because you want to be useful to others, not because you want to be praised.

Serve with all of your heart

Some lessons are learned best when they’re taught with pain.

Sometimes we learn best in pain