Some people who are quick to give an advice don't really care what the results may be. After all, it's not them who'll have to deal with it in the end.

People who are quick to give an advice

What are your 3-Words of wisdom? Mine are "YOU ARE CAPABLE"!

3 word wisdom

A Fair person reaches mountains of success; other side fraud feels happiness on a pile of dirt.

Difference between a Fraud and a Fair person

I’d rather be a sinner that kneels than a saint with a broken halo.

Be a sinner

We learn from listening

A word of encouragement during a failure is more potent than a word or praise after an achievement.

A Word of Encouragement

Be helpful, but don't allow others to depend on you too much. Help by teaching them how to help themselves.

Be helpful

What you don't have, you may gain; what you gain, you may lose; what you lose, you may regain. Life is a cycle of gaining and losing. So appreciate things before you lose them. And have faith that whatever you've lost will be replaced. Maybe in a different package, but enough to make you whole again.

Life is a cycle of gaining and losing