Never procrastinate in expressing what you've been meaning to say or do. It may be too early, but it's better than being too late.

Its better than being too late

Exercise humility. Keep in mind that there's always someone superior than you. Even a child can teach you something new.

Exercise Humility

Some people hate you not for what you're unable to do, but for what you're able to do that they can't.

Some people hate you

People will be quick to judge; don’t retaliate. Just know in your heart that someday, they’ll all be proven wrong.

People will be quick to judge

If you're really serious about helping someone, give him a hand and lead the way. Sometimes it is more effective than any words of wisdom.

Helping Someone

Don’t mind the people talking behind your back. They’ll eventually leave you alone when they find another person to talk about.

Don’t mind the people

Only the people who walked the same path will truly understand your painful journey.

Who will truly understand you

It's nice when you pray for someone, but it's better if you become an answer to someone's prayer.

Pray for someone