We expect because we trust. Otherwise we doubt, or do not expect at all.

Trust and Expectation

Be sensitive and try to understand other people's pain. Sometimes that's all they need to heal.

Be sensitive and try to understand

However you lived it, thank the past for the lessons and memories. It handed you tools to help you survive today.

Thank Past for the Lessons and Memories

If someone wants to repay your good deeds, ask him to repay you by doing good deeds to others. In that way you've become a blessing to him, and him to others.

Good Deeds

How much knowledge you gain depends on your willingness to learn.

Knowledge and willingness to learn

There is no permanent escape for what is meant to be.

No permanent escape

The wise may not always understand but a person with a loving heart understands beyond reasons.

Heart understands beyond reasons

Breaking someone else is not going to heal your wounds.

Breaking someone