Valentine’s week is no less heavenly experience for lovers. Each of us wait for this very special week and can’t just let it go like other time of the year. We are trying our level best to make all of you smile by presenting these beautiful quotes on valentine’s week days. All the quotes in the video above are listed below :

  1. Don’t send yellow rose if you want a long everlasting relation; don’t give white rose if you want a romantic relation send a red rose which defines our beautiful relation.’ Happy Rose day dear.
  2. Every bird cannot dance But peacock do it. Every friend can not reach my heart but you did it. Every Flower can not express love But rose do it. “happy rose day
  3. If I get your smile, I don’t need flowers. If I get your voice, I don’t need anybody. If you are my love, I don’t need the world. Will you be mine on this propose day.
  4. With Every Beat Of My Heart, I Will Love You More And More, After Years Of Togetherness This Is My Solemn Vow For You, My Love Happy Propose day
  5. Life is like a chocolate box, Each chocolate is like a portion of life, some are crunchy, some are nutty, some are soft, but all are Delicious. Happy Chocolate day
  6. If you are a chocolate you are the sweetest, if you are a Teddy Bear, you are the most hugable, If you are a Star, you are the Brightest, Since you are my “Friend”, So you are the best. Happy Chocolate day
  7. Teddy Bear Day Is A Day Of Love,It’s A Day When You Find Your True Love.A Day Of Hearts And Yummy Candies.A Day When Cupid Hits You With A Love Arrow. A Day When You Find Your Teddy Bear, Will You Be Mine?
  8. I am sending a Teddy to you.Love my Teddy Bear,Kiss my Teddy Bear,Hug my Teddy Bear,keep that Teddy Carefully Because Teddy has my heart Happy Teddy Day
  9. We met it was Luck! We talked it was CHANCE! We became friends it was DESTINY! We are still friends it is FAITH! We will always be friends its a PROMISE! On this Promise Day.
  10. Speaking Without Egos, Loving Without Intentions, Caring Without Expectations, I Promise You That You Will Be Mine Always. Happy Promise Day
  11. No matter where you are I’ll always find my way to ? Hug you tight and shower you with my kisses I love only you!Wishing my dear a happy hug day
  12. There is a moment in your life, when you ,miss someone so badly, you just wan to hug them so tight and make them realize how much they mean to you! Happy Hug Day
  13. When I met you, I found life… If I lose you I can’t live. You are the air that I breath. I love you beyond the depths of my soul. Happy Kiss Day
  14. Kissing is a means of getting two people so close together that they can’t see anything wrong with each other. Happy Kiss Day
  15. “Walking under the rain feels so lonely and cold. But if you were there beside me to share the warmth of your love then I would want to stay under the rain for the rest of my life.”
  16. I’ve been eyeing you since months but haven’t had the guts to come up to you and tell you about the hots I have for you. But today, I take a deep breath and ask you, will you be my valentine? Happy Valentines Day!

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