Why relationships do not lasts?

Some relationships do not last, because they’re a product of wrong decisions and not real love.
Some relationships do not last, because they’re a product of wrong decisions and not real love.

For many people nowadays, getting into a relationship seems as easy as getting a new pair of shoes when the old ones aren’t that comfortable to wear anymore. Some people got used to having a partner that they feel they cannot survive without them. Because of this, whenever they find themselves alone again, they would hastily get into a new relationship and may settle with anyone showing interest in them. Some, on the other hand, have grown tired of being alone and are desperate to find someone they can call their own. Some may be just too trusting, too vulnerable, and so on.

When you asked your friends why they chose the people they’re with, what were their answers? I bet they gave you varied reasons. Some probably told you that their partners do and provide for them what they are not able to do and provide for themselves. Some are driven by lust and satisfaction of carnal desires. Some couples are together just for the sake of their children and the need to share parenting responsibilities. They could give a lot of reasons, valid or not. But try asking them if they think they have made the right decision and if they are happy about it. Again, they can tell you a lot, but the answer is simply yes or no.

Why do some relationships last and some do not? Staying in a relationship requires a lot – trust, friendship, respect, compassion, commitment – all take time to build and are enveloped in one magical feeling: love. But more than just feelings, it is also a decision. The problem is, some people tend to impulsively decide and jump right into relationships in haste only to realize after some time that they have made a mistake. And when things start to become uncomfortable for them, they see no better solution than leave.

If you decide to get into a relationship for the wrong reasons, chances are you will probably end up leaving or being left behind. Relationships take time to build, and if you are in a relationship for reasons other than love, they’re likely destined to fail. Real love withstands everything – it may bend but it does not break. It surpasses all the obstacles and patiently nurtures relationships to grow deep roots in order to last an eternity.