Be grateful for the people who said “No.”

 I thank the people who abandoned me during the times I thought I couldn’t make it. They gave me the opportunity to discover what I am capable of.

I thank the people who abandoned me during the times I thought I couldn’t make it. They gave me the opportunity to discover what I am capable of.

Help doesn’t always help. In fact, often times, the help we get robs us of the chance to demonstrate our abilities and capabilities. Also sometimes, we get too accustomed to receiving assistance even from the smallest things that we lose our enthusiasm to exert our own effort. Later on, we lose our sense of responsibility and consequently, we forget or fail to realize what we are capable of. For this reason, we tend to feel bad when people refuse to help us in some occasions. However, it is when we have no one to depend on but ourselves that we are able to recognize our full potential. It is then that we get to know ourselves even more and discover how strong we can be. Sometimes, we will even be surprised of what we can accomplish alone. We may even be more surprised to feel a sense of pride and confidence for what we are able to do by ourselves. Thus, we should not hold grudges against people who turned their backs on us when we thought we are in need of their help, but instead be grateful for the opportunity they have given us to rediscover our capabilities and strength. Surely, the intention to help must not be lost, but we should also change our perspective that when people refuse to help, they are actually also helping us to be strong enough to stand on our own.

Are you dependent on others and constantly needing help? Do you hold grudges against people when they say “No”? Or did you come to realize how strong and talented you are and how much you can accomplish on your own? Share your thoughts on this quote and let us know by commenting below.


  1. rmygzmn December 15, 2015 5:36 am Reply

    I know exactly where this quote is coming from cause I just barely opened my heart my eyes n my mind to discover what was said in this quote also n I myself started learning to be greatful for the people that have turned me away in my time of need instead of being mad at them, people thought I was crazy I just thought they weren’t mature enough to understand when they grow up they’ll soon see what I mean if they ever do grow up.

  2. Nik Zarina Zain December 18, 2015 6:30 pm Reply

    Initially I.thought I’m to be blame for the the bad.luck that never seemed to stop upon the family. A number of times when something bad happens someone will point at me meaning that I am the responsible eventhough I know nuts abt what happened..bad luck has always been my presence in the picture so they abandon meaning that I have to be given to another family. I have no choice but to obey..I tried hard to be on my own, I have to proof that I am capable of running around on my own when finally I get to be on my own feet.. Now with confidence I have a brighter future with a new life anda a new family which I can claim to be my very own family. AMEN

  3. tania December 22, 2015 5:38 am Reply

    Yeah but thats all good to know how strong you are but its the unimportance you feel that you mean nothing to noone your more alone than you thought that kills.

  4. val June 26, 2016 9:06 pm Reply

    love this great way of seeing the positive side of this recently i have been moving and well i did it all by myself i had to move half a block away because there was something wrong with my apartment and well i have a neighbor and once her car broke down and i asked her what was wrong she looked sad and she told me about the car that she needed 300$ to fix it she didnt ask for money so a day later i went and i gave her the money i said hey i need a little help cleaning in my house ill give you 10 dollars an hour if you help me and ill give you the money in advance she only came for a week and then told me she was feeling sick so she would pay me back on income tax time well she didnt and i forgave her but when i was moving it was hot and it was just me and my 2 10 year olds moving everything in 2 heb carts that had been abandoned in my neighborhood im almost done moving but i would see her outside while i was moving and she never bothered to help it made me a little upset but now i see how strong i am i give god the glory ihad so many things happen to me at once a breakup i had to move some one commited fraud with my bank card all in the same 3 weeks but im proud of myself i choose forgiveness and i feel peace because ive been holding on to gods word and its part of being human in life we will experiece joy and sorrow trials and blessings and the important thing is to not loose faith in humanity and remember when people helped us i like to share one of those moments when i was 16 i was traveling to new jersey from texas and on one of the stops the driver left me someone told her butshe said she didnt care so when i realized the bus left me the people in the store called to see when the next bus was coming i think i had to wait 2 hours so i knew i would recover my luggage but the stuff in the bus would probably get stolen so when the bus picked me we left and we later stoped at a new orleans bus station i think it was not sure but when i got out waiting there for me was the little friend i made in the bus he was around my age and he had my stuff i wish so bad i could see him and thank him its been a long time im 30 now all i remember was he was from waco texas but not sure the moral of this is there are still good people and when we go out of our way to be nice we can leave a lasting impact on someone maybe not everyone but that guy wherever he is i hope god will bless him so much

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