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Be grateful for the people who said “No.”

I thank the people who abandoned me during the times I thought I couldn’t make it. They gave me the opportunity to discover what I am capable of.

Help doesn’t always help. In fact, often times, the help we get robs us of the chance to demonstrate our abilities and capabilities. Also sometimes, we get too accustomed to receiving assistance even from the smallest things that we lose our enthusiasm to exert our own effort. Later on, we lose our sense of responsibility and consequently, we forget or fail to realize what we are capable of. For this reason, we tend to feel bad when people refuse to help us in some occasions. However, it is when we have no one to depend on but ourselves that we are able to recognize our full potential. It is then that we get to know ourselves even more and discover how strong we can be. Sometimes, we will even be surprised of what we can accomplish alone. We may even be more surprised to feel a sense of pride and confidence for what we are able to do by ourselves. Thus, we should not hold grudges against people who turned their backs on us when we thought we are in need of their help, but instead be grateful for the opportunity they have given us to rediscover our capabilities and strength. Surely, the intention to help must not be lost, but we should also change our perspective that when people refuse to help, they are actually also helping us to be strong enough to stand on our own.

Are you dependent on others and constantly needing help? Do you hold grudges against people when they say “No”? Or did you come to realize how strong and talented you are and how much you can accomplish on your own? Share your thoughts on this quote and let us know by commenting below.