Difference Between Inspiration and Motivation

Difference between Inspiration or Motivation!
Difference between Inspiration or Motivation

Many people use the words inspiration and motivation interchangeably. While both compel you to act, there is actually a big difference between the two.

What is Motivation?

Motivation requires a motive – a desired goal that becomes a reason to take action. It is generally classified as intrinsic or extrinsic. Intrinsic meaning, the desire to perform a task comes from the inside. Extrinsic on the other hand comes from an outside source, and often gives a false sense of security. Example of this is when someone motivates you to buy a product that will make you slimmer. Because you are motivated to look pleasing to the eyes of others, you get excited about the moment and buy from them. That is intrinsic motivation. But what about their motive? They motivated you simply for the purpose of making a sale. They used extrinsic motivation to change your behavior and direct your choices so they will benefit from it.

Intrinsic motivation is influenced by several factors such as interest, social status, and liberation to name a few. On the other hand, one powerful extrinsic motivation usually involves money like profit, bonuses, and rewards.

More often, we are motivated by outcomes and achievements. Thinking that if we do this, we will get that. The problem is, motivation alone will more likely put you in a negative cycle. After some time, you lose the motivation and go back to your old ways. How many people were so motivated at first to lose weight but went back to unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle even before reaching their target? How many were motivated to save money but failed to do so? Because the goal is just short-term, the urge is also temporary. And since it is just temporary, you will need to get motivated over and over again.

What is Inspiration?

That is how it differs from inspiration. Inspiration is something innate – an enthusiasm that comes from within. It is being passionate about a much bigger vision that only you can see. There is a strong sense of purpose that pulls you towards your goals. It creates a drive to focus on building things that will make a big difference not only to your life but to the world. Think about several successful people. They were not motivated, they were inspired. They work intently on their own terms. They didn’t need to be told what must be done. They created their own ways. They didn’t easily get demotivated because they were focused on performing based on their beliefs and intention. They did something for themselves which eventually became beneficial to others as well. They did what was instinctively fulfilling and enjoyed it.

Inspiration is something that can be felt by others. It’s like a ray of sunshine that awakens other people’s purpose and helps them create their own vision. That is why inspiring people have followers. Motivation is still a good thing, though. It is useful for short-term goals. But if you want to create true success, inspiration will get you there.

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