Sometimes, doing your best isn’t enough. If you really want something, you’ll have to do whatever it takes.
Doing your best isn’t enough

When you are given or requested to perform an important task(in other words doing your best), you usually respond by saying, “I’ll do my best.” Whether you succeed or whether you fail, they cannot ask more from you. If you fail they will just have to shrug it off and settle for the outcome since you have done your best and your failure means you have reached the extent of your best efforts. But don’t you sometimes question yourself if you have really given your all? Was that all you can come up with? Or perhaps, you could have done more which could’ve resulted in a much better outcome?

See, sometimes, it is not enough to just do your best because we usually tend to put limits on what we can do, based on our previous records. We tend to rate ourselves with how well we performed the previous tasks that were assigned to us. Oftentimes, this results to not trying harder because in our thoughts we have already given everything we can.

But what if we will change our mindset and say, “I’ll do whatever it takes,” instead? Don’t you think it will make a big difference? Because you will have to do whatever it takes, you will look for all possible ways to succeed. It may mean trying things you have never tried before, or learning new skills. Having this mindset will urge you to persevere until you achieve your goal.

Another good thing is that it may also lead to an exciting self-discovery of what else you have inside and what you still have to offer. It will actually create a better, more productive version of you. Don’t just settle in doing your best especially if your goal benefits you and your loved ones the most. If you really want something, do whatever it takes!

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