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Failure is like a stairway use it as a stepping stone towards success

Failure is like a stairway; you decide whether it takes you to the bottom or whether it leads you to the top.

We all experienced failure, at some point in our lives. We all made mistakes. It is an inevitable condition that we should expect and learn to accept when trying to achieve our goals. We are all bound to fail – in our career, in our ambitions, and even in our personal relationships. It is actually a part of life. The impact of failure in our lives may differ though. There may be cases when its effect is just minimal that we can just shrug it off. While there may be cases when our disappointments become debilitating to a point where it can be harmful to you and to the people around you.

While the effects may be devastating, it is up to us whether we allow our failures to take us further down than we already are. It is up to us if we will allow failure to control our lives in a negative way. On the other hand, we can choose to use our failures as stepping stones to climb the ladder of success. We can use our failures as lessons to be better in making decisions and in making better choices. But first, we have to accept that failure is unavoidable. Then we need to believe that failures are part of the process of improvement and of eventual success; that these are just lessons which showed us the wrong way of doing things.

These are just guidelines on which actions to avoid and which to take. It is like a stairway – you choose where you go – above or below. You decide whether it takes you to the bottom or it leads you to the top. It would be wise though, to keep a positive perspective in spite of failures and use the lessons learned to successfully reach your goals. Each new day comes with new hopes with another chance to retry and rebuild our life.

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