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Climbing that first step helps you reach your goals for success

Standing at the foot of the mountain and staring at the top won’t get you there. Putting one foot forward and climbing that first step is what takes you to your goals for success.

We all may have ambitions and a different vision of our goals for success. In the boardroom, we all engage in lengthy discussions speaking about phenomenal targets. In life, we dream of a successful career and yet, we make one huge mistake. We contemplate on the top rung of the ladder, the peak of the mountain without even giving any importance to climbing that first step to begin the journey.

A successful man does not start at the top of the ladder nor does he dream of it

There are two ways to look at this beautiful quote. Your goals for success is not achieved by becoming a VP or a CEO overnight. Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay did not reach the peak of Mount Everest by magic. Similarly, when starting out on the road to a career, you can’t afford to eye the top position; you have to work to get there. In the same manner, dreaming about the pinnacle of your goals is futile. Walking the road to get you there is what counts. The biggest problem today is the easy route preferred by many.

Climbing that first step towards your goals for success means walking the journey first

Today’s generation has life made for them. A technology-driven lifestyle has left the challenges of growing up futile. Today entertainment is at the touch of a button. In the past, youngsters created entertainment; they played outside, exercised their creativity and invented games. The absence of such creativity has made the human brain lazy in thinking that everything will be easy in life. It is this thinking that causes failure when something is too hard to contemplate and achieve. More often than not, we end up standing at the foot of the mountain and eyeing the top rather than climbing that first step to take us forward to our goals for success.

Every successful goal isn’t just a point or position that can be reached instantly. By drawing or chalking a target on a blackboard won’t help you get there. Instead, set your sights on overcoming that first initial step which may not prove easy. But once you initiate the journey, you gain the confidence of surging forward. Stop dreaming about your dreams.

Don’t blow bubbles in the air

Given the fact that it is good to have dreams and aspirations, it is also bad to just dream about them instead of planning how to make them real. What is the point of thinking that you will do this and do that? If you haven’t even put a step forward on a route that reaches your goals, how will you even begin the journey?

Here is the first verse of a song that echoes such sentiments:

I’m forever blowing bubbles
pretty bubbles in the air
they fly so high
nearly reach the sky
but then they fall, they fade and die….

Blowing bubbles in the air is like building castles in the sky. It’s the same as standing at the foot of the mountain and wondering how to get to the top without even trying. Climbing that first step makes all that difference of reaching your goal for success.

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