If a flowering plant whose movement is limited by its roots entrenched in soil can choose to grow towards the light, why would you with the freedom of limbs choose darkness

What stops you to grow towards the light? How more motivating a symbol can you get than that of a flower that moves towards the sunlight just so it can live. Yet we choose to restrict ourselves to darkness.

Today’s fast paced lifestyle, responsibilities, family chores, work deadlines, trouble in relationships all of these factors can do much to impede a mind and increase stress. Yet not everyone chooses to succumb to such pressures but move forward with every passing day. Being afraid of living is like a flower without its instinct to grow towards the sunlight.

Release yourself from your own mental prison

Depression and anxiety, low confidence and self loathing. Isn’t it right to say that are the result of our own perception of the world from a negative mindset? Do you really want to be free from these shackles of your own prison that you have confined yourself to or do you want to remain in darkness? Every emotional problem restricting you to the shadows has a remedy. Because otherwise there would be no proof of many winning the battle over depression. But who really wins this battle? It is only when you move out of your shadows to grow towards the light that you can release yourself from your own mental prison.

Be like the flowers which grow towards the light. They choose life not darkness

Do not be irresponsible with the greatest gift given to you by a higher power. Even if you aren’t a believer, still the proof of you living is enough that there is something wonderful happening in the universe. You are unique as a human being with the gift of life, don’t misuse it by feeling sorry for yourself with low self esteem. Take inspiration from a flower that grows towards the light in spite of its limited movement. You have total freedom of limbs; you have your own mental freedom and the freedom to choose.

In the light is life. In darkness only fear and dread

It is the same with mental apathy and the unwillingness to accomplish anything just because you don’t feel you are competent enough to do so. When you take that step forward to grow towards the light like a flower, you too will see the world differently. Just as you may have reasons to be depressed, anxious or stressed, you also have many reasons to feel happy that balances such negativity. It’s upto you to want to see the light, just like the flower that chooses to grow towards the light because it knows that in the light, there is life.