The Key That Unlocks The Prison Of Depression Is Within You. Just As You Are Your Jailor, You Are Also Your Savior
The Key That Unlocks The Prison Of Depression Is Within You. Just As You Are Your Jailor, You Are Also Your Savior.

Depression is one of the most common of lifestyle conditions afflicting millions of people around the world today. Often it is swept under the carpet because who wants to say in public that they are depressed. As a result people suffer in silence, a prison of sorts is created and the victim huddles further into the dark tunnel of that prison of depression for which they have created for themselves.

Now the above paragraph should never be interpreted as an intentional act on the part of any depressed person. It states the harsh reality of how depressed people fear being stigmatized. Words like “loser”, “good for nothing” etc are rampant in a society bent on criticism. Low self esteem is a precursor to depression and self loathing. The more we assume, the more we subjugate ourselves to negative thoughts.

Depression is conceived from a thought

A thought! The prison of depression is always a state of mind which is a thought. We indulge in negative thoughts and build upon them. Some may feel it is very easy to say “don’t think negative thoughts”. What many don’t realize is that negative thoughts arise from stressful conditions of life. Stress, anxiety and lifestyle pressures, wear us down and make us mentally weak. Our mind is then ripe for negativity to take hold.

We create a jail for ourselves

Thus, it is we who create our prison of depression. A mental jail for ourselves. It is our own doing as we fail to view life from a broader perspective. We don’t give ourselves options. Instead we narrow down our conditions to presume that every situation is hopeless. We limit and restrict our thoughts that drive us deeper into depression. So what is the solution? How do we neutralize the stress of environment to free us from depression?

The answer is simple, we don’t!! Life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. But the only difference between a depressed person and a happy person tackling the same challenge is perspective. And, perspective is the same as thought. We refuse ourselves happiness because we feel that everything is hopeless. We jail ourselves into a warped and constrictive prison because we feel nothing can be done about our situation.

The biggest reason to be happy is life

Think about it this way. The biggest reason to be happy is that in every problem that gets you down, you still live to challenge it. What occurs today will soon be past. Tomorrow is a new day and you will be facing a new condition, new challenges. What may seem so restrictive and rigid may not really be so. Why is it that what depresses you does not depress another? Ever think about that? It can’t be the problem or else everyone would be depressed. It is you which boils down to the fact that you are your own jailor.

The first step to saving yourself from the prison of depression is to reach out. Our modern society has given us several tools that can combat depression, reach out to one of them, open the gate of your prison of depression and then you will realize, that you need not remain in the darkness you have created for yourself.

Practice mindfulness

There are ways to strengthen your mind such as mindfulness. Be aware of your existence. When u do, you are aware of yourself and then self appreciation and a sense of value sets in. Once you are mindful of yourself in this universe, you experience the thought of living. That’s when you will have finally escaped from the prison of depression. You will have saved yourself.

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