Dwell not on the past, for nothing can be undone. Look forward instead to what is still to come.
Dwell not on the past, for nothing can be undone. Look forward instead to what is still to come.

Are you one of those people who just can’t seem to escape the memories of the past? Whether it is guilt, regret, or painful experiences that you have become a prisoner of, nothing can be undone, unfortunately. Dwelling on what should have or what should have not been won’t take you anywhere. Like a shackle, it will just keep you from moving forward.

Many of us have made some pretty bad choices in the past. We all have tolerated much more than we should have. Nevertheless, blaming yourself and other people for your misery will only inflict more damage on you. Sad experiences are learning experiences. It should not distract you from receiving and utilizing today’s blessings and opportunities. Remember, you are given the gift of today to make up for lost time and not to lose more.

If change must occur, it must occur now. The past surely has taught you vital lessons in selecting between options and in making the right decisions. Furthermore, how you dealt with things and situations in the past helped you understand yourself even more. This could bring about personal changes and self-improvement, and consequently lead to a positive difference in your life.

It is impossible to forget what transpired in the past, but if you keep on looking back, you might miss the chances requiring your attention today to create a much better future. Let go of what is already gone and done. It would be nice if you could reconcile with people who caused your misery, but if you cannot, at least make amends with yourself. Accept your faults and flaws and remind yourself that the mistakes of the past does not define who you are and who you can become.

Look forward with hope to what is still to come. Use the lessons as a tool to dig gold and not holes — to create beautiful tomorrows rather than relive painful memories.

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