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Tomorrow is a New Day So Live Out the Problems of Today

If today is like a sore apple, tomorrow it may be a flower in bloom, be patient and outlive the pain of today for tomorrow is a new day.

The biggest mistake we make in life is when we narrow down our perspective to regard a single day as an entire lifetime. Life isn’t a bed of roses. The pain of today will always be a thing of the past and tomorrow is a new day. In life, you will be faced with obstacles; you will come across challenges which are never long term. Such short term challenges are those that may create temporary obstacles making up your daily life.

Why do you need to feed a problem and make it larger?

Many of us feed a problem with our emotions making it bigger than it appears to be. Instead of viewing life as the past, present and future, we focus entirely onto a single problem making us feel that the world starts and ends there itself.

Let daily challenges be fodder for your brain
Your brain is a cluster of power cells that need to be exercised. It needs to grow more intelligent and stronger and such daily problems give you ample opportunities to do just that. The first step to solving a problem is to regard it as part of your days work, it’s a job and it has to be done. Similarly trying circumstances, difficult situations and, problems faced in a day, without potential long term repercussions, should be regarded with a broader mindset. Just think that if it is there today and upsetting your peace of mind, tomorrow is a new day and you may not feel as such.

Outlive the pain of today because time never stops, it moves on. New Day New Hopes

The biggest gift of tomorrow is that you outlive the pain of today taking comfort in time. Knowing that just as the sun sets; it also rises, similarly tomorrow is always a new day. Not every day will you be faced with the feeling of being a sore apple, tomorrow you may be a vibrant flower in bloom. Solving the problem of yesterday means it won’t part of a new today. In other words, accept your day to day challenges for what they are and nothing more. Don’t feed them to be larger than they are. Jump to the task and get it over with. If you are in a trying situation at work, just initiate an atmosphere of damage control that will pose the least problems for you. Live out the tide which ebbs as fast as it came because tomorrow is a new day.

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