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The Small Wonders of Life Are Precious, Don’t Lose Out On Experiencing Them Like a Child

When you lose the child in you, you lose the ability to value the small wonders of life. Don’t let the monotony of life depreciate its value because you live only once.

The small wonders of life meant a great deal to us as children. Do you remember the first splash of a rain drop on your face and how you felt? Do you remember seeing a small sparrow flying into your bedroom and shouting with glee? Do you remember seeing your first snowfall? Now as an adult, how much of your daily routine of life deteriorated the ability to look at life in such a manner?

We loved every aspect of life as a child

As children, every aspect of life fascinated us. We would love seeing birds in trees or running barefoot in a park. We would love raindrops splashing our faces and cupping our hands to collect the rain. In fact, we loved building a snowman and frolicking in the snow. Every natural wonder of life was joy to us.

Fast forward back to your adult life. Do you still feel the same about the rain? Do you care about watching a fleeting sparrow on your window sill? Do you really care about the beauty of a snowfall? During your journey to work, do you notice the different shades of green on trees and how they change color in autumn? How they dance in a summer breeze? As poetic as it sounds, these things actually do unfold in front of your eyes every day.

We have lost the child within us

The main reason we can’t see the small wonders of life is because we have lost the child within us. Just because we have attained maturity as an adult, doesn’t mean we should lose that sense of wonder of the little boy or little girl we once were. Great story tellers and movie makers would never have been able to create their popular stories had they lost the ability to look at life from a child’s perspective. J.M.Barrie would never have written Peter Pan, Enid Blyton would never have given you Noddy and Alan Milne would never have written Winnie the Pooh. Cut to our modern age and Steven Spielberg would not have thought about ET the extra terrestrial, and neither would we have had Harry Potter.

Rekindling the child within you to appreciate the wonders of life will make you happier

If every individual retained that spark of childhood in them as an adult, the world would be a better place. If you take time out every day while traveling to work and notice the small wonders of life, like the trees or sparrows bathing in a puddle of water, if you put out your hand in the rain and rekindle the joy of that first splash of water, you’ll be reminded how enjoyable life is. It will help break the stress of your everyday monotony and refresh your mind making you a happy and a better person.

Nature is like a balm on our senses, embracing it like you did as a child will rejuvenate your spirit and change your perceptive on life because as it says, you live but once and you may never know the small wonders of life again.

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