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Moving on and Moving forward

Moving on is a process; moving forward is a choice. There’s a slight difference between the two. Moving on is letting things happen; moving forward is making things happen.

Moving on and moving forward. There are two perspectives to such words of wisdom. They could be taken in context of your emotional life or they could be inspiring for your career. The main message here is what do you choose to do, do you just allow yourself to stay afloat in a raft and move on with the sea of life or do you get into a boat grab the oars and surge forward choosing the direction you want to go.

Even when life gets you down, pick yourself up and take the reins

There are many instances in life where you will be anguished, you may suffer the loss of a loved one, you may be depressed because of a failed relationship. Given the scope of such factors in life to influence you negatively, it could also happen in the workplace, where failed projects make you crazy, you get stressed because you haven’t reached your target, you may have lost your job. Life will throw all of these challenges and obstacles at you. How do you respond? Fine, you may fight back and try to get over the stress and pain but how do you get over from such problems, do you move on or move forward.

Moving on is aimless. The direction of life should be in your hands

Moving on means you prefer being a rudderless boat, just working with a sense of monotony bearing up each day to get by. You go about your tasks in life, your responsibilities with no specific gain or goal in mind. You allow life to take its course and allow things to happen. This condition is also prevalent in people who may not have even suffered any setbacks but have no ambition or passion about anything.

But! When you decide to move forward, that is when you are picking up the pieces, and choosing your direction. Surging forward means you identify your goals and you know what you must do and you go ahead and do it. Given the fact that memories and also the feeling of not having achieved something may try to suppress you but that’s what you need to overcome. Walk out of the shadow and say,”This is my life, I am going to take me where I want to go.

Get back on Track and move forward

Once you get yourself back on track, you will be moving forward. Life is too short and though you aren’t expected to be an ice cold stone hearted person who doesn’t mourn loss or feel disappointed at failure, you need to rise up above and move forward especially if you have responsibilities like family or children. Moving forward will help you truly move on from your stagnation and get you towards your intended goals.

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