Shooting stars appear brighter in the darkness.

Shooting stars appear brighter in the darkness

In times when you are at the lowest point in your life, you end up shining the brightest. In other words, it is when you

Wealthy is the person who has something money can't buy.

Who is wealthy?

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The best way to remain SINGLE is to say, I am COMMITTED.

The best way to remain single

The lover had huge hopes and dreams with the thought of being in love. However, the reality was

What is Fame. It's nothing but a HOT-AIR BALLOON

What is Fame?

No one can control fame for long. Its hard to get fame, even harder to sustain. Fame can

Valentines day quotes

Happy Valentines Day – 14 beautiful quotes

Valentines day quotes is a very beautiful collection of valentine’s day quotes. Hope you would love the video and send some or all of these quotes to your valentines :).

16 beautiful quotes on valentines week

Valentine’s week special quotes – 16 quotes for lovers

Valentine’s week is no less heavenly experience for lovers. Each of us wait for this very special week and can’t just let it go like other time of the year. We are trying our level best to make all of you smile by presenting these beautiful quotes on valentine’s week days.

The illusion love portrays is to be visible when it's not there and be invisible where it exists.

Love creates illusion?

The irony of being in love is that sometimes when you’re in love, you tend to assume that the other person also feels the same even if it’s not really true. You give color to whatever that person does, and see love in every act. The illusion makes love visible, even if it’s not there […]

Sometimes life takes us to where we never wish to be, then we realize it's where we truly belong.

Life takes us to where we truly belong

There are times in our lives when we resist being in a situation because we know it is not a comfortable place to be. It could be a new work assignment, a foreign country you have never been before, a new romance, or a complicated relationship. It could be a demanding office position, a new […]