Being appreciated, our common desire; being unappreciative, our common flaw

Being Appreciated And Being Unappreciative

We have a common emotional desire to be appreciated. Somehow, an expression of gratitude validates that our presence is valued and that we matter. It gives us an inner fulfillment of being able to do something that is pleasing to others. Appreciation inspires us to grow and

What you don't have, you may gain; what you gain, you may lose; what you lose, you may regain. Life is a cycle of gaining and losing. So appreciate things before you lose them. And have faith that whatever you've lost will be replaced. Maybe in a different package, but enough to make you whole again.

Life is a cycle of gaining and losing

Be surrounded by people who appreciate your goodness and help you work on your flaws, not by people who ignore your goodness and see only your faults.

Be surrounded by people who appreciate

Sometimes you don't appreciate what you have because you're too focused on what you want

Appreciate everything you have