If all the mirrors of the world had shattered, look into the eyes of your love

Look Into The Eyes Of Your Love

There could be situations when it seems like nothing’s going right and you feel like the world is crumbling down around you. Restlessness consumes you – mind and soul, and hope fleets as

The best way to remain SINGLE is to say, I am COMMITTED.

The best way to remain single

The lover had huge hopes and dreams with the thought of being in love. However, the reality was

Valentines day quotes

Happy Valentines Day – 14 beautiful quotes

Valentines day quotes is a very beautiful collection of valentine’s day quotes. Hope you would love the video and send some or all of these quotes to your valentines :).

The illusion love portrays is to be visible when it's not there and be invisible where it exists.

Love creates illusion?

The irony of being in love is that sometimes when you’re in love, you tend to assume that the other person also feels the same even if it’s not really true. You give color to whatever that person does, and see love in every act. The illusion makes love visible, even if it’s not there […]

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15 Best Happy New Year Quotes and Messages

Happy New Year Quotes and Sayings Quotes Empire wishing you a very happy new year. May God gives you all treasures of this life in this coming year. May this year be the best of your life. May you find good health, peace, love and wealth.

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Staying in a relationship out of pity is not love; it’s charity. And when it comes to love, no one should be a beggar.

Staying in a relationship – Love or Charity?

There should only be one reason why one should stay in a relationship – LOVE. It’s the reason why you got into that relationship in the first place, right? You should not confuse pity with

Love is a gamble, not a game. You are supposed to take some risks, not play.

Love is a gamble

When you fall in love you put a lot at stake — your time, efforts, and