Dwell not on the past, for nothing can be undone. Look forward instead to what is still to come.

Look Forward For A Better Future

Are you one of those people who just can’t seem to escape the memories of the past? Whether it is guilt, regret, or painful experiences that you have become a prisoner of, nothing can be undone, unfortunately. Dwelling on what should have or

It's all in your mind to see the world for what it is, focus on the good and you will produce good, focus on bad and you will produce bad.

Focus on the good as it’s all in your mind

Do you focus on the good or not? Your attitude to life is all in your mind. How many times do we feel that the world is against us? At work, at school, and college, we may find a problem with whomever we come across and everyone and everything seems problematic. We find trivial issues […]

If you know you are right and you are at peace with yourself, then there is no need to engage yourself in a battle to prove it.

If you know you are right

When challenged, you don’t always need to respond just to prove you are right and the

Only hang out with negative people if you're sharing some positivity with them

Hang out with negative people

We always hear people say, “Don’t hang out with negative people. They will infect you with their negativity.” But what will happen if negative people hang out together? What will happen if a group of

Remember that part of your success is the people around who either helped and motivated you, or challenged you. It's never on your own. Be humble.

Be Humble