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Difference between Faith and Hope

Don’t confuse faith with hope. Hope is knowing that something is possible. Faith is believing that nothing is impossible.

Life is full of beauty, no matter what we are going through right now – it is beautiful. But its beauty can be clouded with adversity, and sometimes we may even feel we’re caught up in a storm. When the hardships are too difficult to bear, we manage by remaining hopeful that there are still possible solutions to reverse the situation we are in. There is a warm flickering light waving at us from a distance – a ray of hope. And we can actually visualize it.

How we can still take back control and turn things around in our favor. We know what can be done to rise above the waters that’s been drowning us. We know, and we are certain about the possibilities. Better days will surely come. But what if something beyond your control and comprehension happens and suddenly the future becomes too dark? When you can no longer perceive the possibilities? When help is beyond your reach? When you have nothing and no one to hold on in the midst of the raging storm?

When there’s just little hope left, that’s when faith steps in. While hope comforts us with the thought that things are possible, faith assures us that nothing is impossible. It is believing that there are no limits as to what God can do. It is believing in His power to do great things even in ways we can never fathom. It is surrendering to Him and entrusting our lives in His care, believing that He knows the desires of our hearts. It is being certain of His unconditional love for us. Faith is much deeper than hope. We must not just hope; we must hope and have faith.

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