What is Fame. It's nothing but a HOT-AIR BALLOON
What is Fame. It’s nothing but a HOT-AIR BALLOON

No one can control fame for long. Its hard to get fame, even harder to sustain. Fame can increase, decrease. Anytime! It can’t be controlled. It can be manipulated but eventually it has to come down. A hot air balloon when left in the air has no control on its own. A strong wind can make it go places. Higher and higher. North to South. East to West. Anywhere! Drops of rains can halt the sailing of hot air balloon. Anytime! The hot-air can start getting low. Anywhere!

A person who achieves fame must not be arrogant about it. A time will come when it has to come down. It can happen anytime,anywhere with anyone. The person who achieves fame can falsely mistake it for SUCCESS. SUCCESS is not FAME. A tiny bird can burst a hot-air balloon. A small incident can hamper a person with fame. *What is fame?? It’s nothing but a HOT-AIR BALLOON.