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Life is a continuous battle where winning and losing are secondary

Life is a continuous battle. It doesn’t matter how many battles you’are winning or losing; what matters is that you fought, learned, and survived.

Life is a continuous battle where winning and losing are secondary; your zest to fight it, learning capability and survival skills count.

Of all the human beings inhabiting this planet, there is absolutely no one who would say their life has always been smooth or perfect. Winning and losing are part of life. Everyone has to endure pain, sorrow, struggle and worries at some point of time irrespective of their financial condition, social status, smartness or attitude. Right from childhood to old age, there are countless problems we face in our day-to-day life. A student battles with the stress of coping with syllabus, exam woes and pressure to excel. A professional has concerns to get promotion, profit or acclaim. Old age brings health issues.


Ups and downs are an inevitable part of life. When there are moments and reasons to celebrate, there are hard times too. Winning and losing go hand in hand. There are scores of daily targets and future plans towards which we work with full enthusiasm and positivity and failure in accomplishing which bring pessimism, despair, sadness. It’s natural to rejoice with our achievements and be disappointed with failures but a little change in our outlook can lessen the grief we build around ourselves. It’s just our way of looking at our problems that make them big or small.


The key to happiness is to put your best possible efforts in everything you do and leave the result on time. Keep reminding yourself of your powerful mind and innumerable capabilities and channelize your energy in the right direction. Stop over-thinking, for what has to happen will happen. Winning and losing are not important. If you’re satisfied with your efforts, you’ve won half the battle. If you’re not, this is not the end. You will fall, only to rise up again. You will make mistakes, only to learn from them. You will be hurt, only to be stronger. Those who expect life to be a bed of roses end up being dependent on others.

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