Life takes us to where we truly belong

Sometimes life takes us to where we never wish to be, then we realize it's where we truly belong.
Sometimes life takes us to where we never wish to be, then we realize it’s where we truly belong.

There are times in our lives when we resist being in a situation because we know it is not a comfortable place to be. It could be a new work assignment, a foreign country you have never been before, a new romance, or a complicated relationship. It could be a demanding office position, a new business you have been asked to manage, or situations that put you in the middle of the spotlight. We resist because we know it could be outside our comfort zone. We resist because we are terrified by changes, or maybe because we are not confident enough to face those kinds of situations. But life has a way of pushing us around, dragging us into places, and before you know it, life has put you exactly where you never wish to be. Still, we find ourselves trying to resist and hoping to find a way to escape. But when all our efforts proved futile, we have no choice but to embrace the present situation. We give in. Then slowly, we realize that there are a lot of things to learn and discover. We discover new talents. We learn new things. We gain more knowledge. We discover new skills. We meet new people – new friends. We build strong relationships. We are presented with more opportunities. We get to meet the better version of ourselves. It is only then that you will realize that you should have not resisted after all because where life had led you is exactly where you should be. It is the right place to be. It is where you are actually happier, more contented, and you have this feeling of immense fulfillment. It is where you find serenity, harmony and family. Deep in your heart you will know, that it is where you truly belong.